Prayer Concerns

Following are prayer concerns recently shared by and about our members, their families and friends.  If you know of someone with a need for prayer who is not listed on this page, it may be because that person has asked that his/her concerns not be made public.  If you have questions, please call the church office at (336) 625-3227 or contact 

Prayer Concerns of FPC members
Noble Pribble
Carol Church
Julian Blalock
Darlene Moore
Benny & Brenda Welch
Judy Morgan
Randy & Judy Lewallen
Martha Lindsay
Laurie Martin
O.J. Davis
Peggy & Maury Price
Jim Biggers
Duane Zorn
Joanne Hamilton
Family & Friends of FPC Members & Staff
J.C. Corsbie, father of Chris Corsbie
Bryce Cox, father of Lisa Farlow
Mildred Byrd, mother of Jeff Byrd
Jackie Brown, sister of Richard Cooper
Ina Sherrill, aunt of Mary Ellen Robinson
Sheila Waters, cousin of Mary Ellen Robinson
Indiana Dunn, granddaughter of Randy & Kathy Lyndon
Philip Hudson, son of Doris Hudson
Kyler Jones, FPC Preschool student
Mike Lovin, brother of Tim Lovin
Steven White
Rick Henry, brother of Gerri Hardison
Jerry Lawson, brother of Mary Ellen Robinson
Margie Williams, niece of Jan Monroe
Robert Bass, son of Lib Ramsay
Lyndall Bass, sister-in-law of Lib Ramsay
Larry Barnett, father of Jenny Jones
Sherry, co-worker of Autumn Beane
Tom Matthews, friend of Melissa Hanson
Rich Krewson, friend of Chisholm family
Hannah Lambert, friend of many
Johnny Westbrook, friend of Matt Shiflet
Gabby Martinez
Ethan, 5 year old nephew of Sarah Fuller
Kathy McClain
Katie Bunch
Elba Ramos-Malave, Puerto Rican Mission Partner
Mel Trollman, Puerto Rico trip leader
Chuck Hutchison, friend of Doug Shiflet
Ashtyn Clark, niece of Cathy Grey
Ann Edwards, friend of Stephanie Lindsay
Emmaline Trotter, friend of Snelbaker family
Margaret Respess
Sarah Cox, friend of many
Gracie Chriscoe, great-niece of Lorraine Sherrill
Lyle Barnett, nephew of Jenny Jones
Joe Caughron, brother of Vivian Byrd
Michael Schoolcraft
Gene Oldham, brother of Pete Oldham
Clifford Elliott