Congregational Care

One of the earliest acts of the fledgling Church in the first century was to establish ways to take care of its members in need. Every good congregation throughout history has taken this as one of its priorities. At First Presbyterian Church, we support one another in a number of ways.
Prayer is one of the most essential ways we can support one another. Pastoral prayers are offered at all our worship services, and often there is an open time for sharing of joys and needs before prayer. The church staff has an extended prayer time during its weekly meeting, to offer up needs and concerns of members and friends.
Visitation & Pastoral Care
Our members develop networks of friendship and support, and often care for one another. Some undertake the special ministry of visiting those who are home bound, or who have other special needs.
Our church staff provide support and prayer for those in our congregation experiencing crisis, or who have on-going health or family concerns. In particular, our pastors are often present with those who are suffering serious illness or experiencing the loss of a loved one.
Our Deacons
Our deacons are ordained to a ministry of care for our members. Those who are active in the life of our congregation are assigned to a deacon, who is responsible for staying in touch and seeking assistance for needs that arise with their members.
Homebound Communion
Members of our church who can no longer attend worship due to health concerns may received homebound communion from one of our elders or deacons. Contact Pat Cooper, 963-9145.
Transportation & Small Home Repairs
Members of First Presbyterian Church who can no longer drive may request assistance with essential transportation, such as to doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, to get medicine, or to buy groceries. Members may also request assistance with small home repairs when they are no longer able to do these repairs themselves.
Messages of Encouragement
Some members of our congregation give as their special ministry the sending of cards and notes of encouragement to those in need.
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