Pastor and Staff


OUR VISION is to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. Strengthening and equipping disciples to be hospitable ministers for Christ.
OUR MISSION: To live into our vision we seekā€¦
To REACH  Asheboro, Randolph County, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
To GROW  all those God calls into our fellowship as disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to live out our faith in school, in work, in retirement, in every part of life, to the glory of God.
To SEND  disciples into our community and the world to be the body of Christ, reaching out in ministries of compassion and evangelism, to be a visible sign of the Kingdom of God coming
into the world.
Brian Rummage
Josh York
Director of 
Praise and Worship Music
Bev Lawrence
Interim Director of
Traditional Music Ministries
Sara Brennan
Preschool Director
Carla Lovell
Director of
Children’s Ministry
Larry James
Haylynn Ferdna
Office Manager
Brian Barr
Brian Barr
 Carl Schauble
Media Coordinator